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At Purpose, we are focused on giving Canadians the highest quality investment solutions. One of our biggest differentiators is our focus on not just trying to deliver great returns, but also on heavily managing risk, which we think is critical to long-term wealth accumulation.

We offer a family of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Mutual Funds which are available to all investors, both large and small. Anyone can invest in our funds and we have very low minimum asset requirements. All of our funds are available to be purchased through any Advisor, brokerage or direct online account. This said it is important to note we do not provide direct wealth advisory services or custody individual investor accounts.

To learn more about How to Invest With Purpose, follow some of the following sections. You can always feel free to call at 1.877.789.1517 or write us here to learn more


Do you have a financial advisor?


Do you invest on your own?


Are you an institutional investor?


We at Purpose believe strongly in the value of advice.

We have made all our funds available to any advisor in Canada and to work under the compensation structure you have agreed to with your advisor. Simply talk to your advisor about Purpose.

Unsure of where to go for investing advice?

Maybe you don’t have an advisor currently or wish to find an advisor that can provide solutions that match your investing style, then contact us at Purpose Investments at 1.877.789.1517, and we would be happy to assist you in finding an advisor to suit your needs.

Types of Advisor Client Accounts


An investment account in which the advisor’s compensation is based on a set percentage of the client’s assets.

Recommended Fund Series

ETF SERIES – Purpose ETF Series is ideal for investors working with advisors on a fee-based account.
MUTUAL FUND SERIES F – Purpose Series F mutual funds are designed for investors working with advisors that have fee based accounts and are offered at exact same management fee as our ETF Series.


An investment account in which the advisor’s compensation is from trading commissions or trailer fee commissions paid from a mutual fund.

Recommended Fund Series

MUTUAL FUND SERIES A – Purpose Series A mutual funds are designed for investors working with advisors and have a commission based account.

Directing your own investments?

If you direct your own investments through a direct or discount on line account, good news is you can buy any of our funds through any of the Canadian direct brokerage firms. The best series’ to buy would be i) the ETF Series, which can be bought and sold like a stock on the stock exchange or ii) the D Series, which is offered at several of the discount brokerage firms and has a slightly higher management fee, but does not have trading commissions associated with it. The ETF Series is best for most direct investors, but the D Series is best suited for smaller investment amounts and investors making regular small contributions under a PAC program.


Investors can access Purpose ETFs and Funds from any of the Canadian direct brokerage firms. The major banks in Canada have their own online discount brokerage as well as a number of independent brokerage firms.





Purpose provides a wide range of institutional solutions and services to pension plan sponsors, corporations, institutions, consultants, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals who choose us for our expertise, high quality investment strategies, innovation and focus on risk management. We are pleased to provide a wide range of resources and support designed to help consultants meet the needs of their clients. From product insights and industry trends, strategy recommendations, education, to assistance with implementation, our dedicated institutional team is your partner for all things Purpose. We are here to help you.


  • Investment and ETF education from Industry experts.
  • Customized portfolios with performance reporting and analytics.
  • Customized total cost analyses that factor in implicit costs (trading costs, tracking error) as well as explicit costs (expense ratios and commissions).


  • Private Pooled fund strategies
  • Segregated account management
  • Customized investment solutions based on our investment strategies

Our investment strategy fees are structured such that we offer “wholesale” prices to the broad public investor. For larger sized investments, Purpose provides even lower management fee opportunities. It’s our way of democratizing the way investment solutions are offered. Please click here for more information and to contact our service team.


Do you research funds on different platforms?


What kind of investing account should I set up?


Should I use the ETF or Mutual Fund Series of the Funds?


ETF Look-Up on Different Trading Platforms

The table below provides you with the symbology for the different systems that provide information on our ETFs. This guide will show you the different codes you need to enter to bring up our fund’s information. If there is a platform you use that we are not displaying below, please let us know and we will be sure to add it.

Fund TMX Money Thomson ONE Bloomberg Terminal
Purpose High Interest Savings ETF PSA PSA-MK PSA CN Equity
Purpose US Cash ETF PSU.U PSU'U-MK PSU/U CN Equity
Purpose Floating Rate Income Fund (FX Hedged) FLOT FLOT-MK FLOT CN Equity
Purpose Floating Rate Income Fund (Non-FX Hedged) FLOT.B FLOT'B-MK FLOT/B CN Equity
Purpose Floating Rate Income Fund (USD) FLOT.U FLOT'U-MK FLOT/U CN Equity
Purpose Managed Duration Investment Grade Bond Fund (CAD) IGB IGB-MK IGB CN Equity
Purpose Total Return Bond Fund PBD PBD-MK PBD CN Equity
Purpose Energy Credit Fund (FX Hedged) PCF PCF-MK PCF CN Equity
Purpose Energy Credit Fund (USD) PCF.U PCF'U-MK PCF/U CN Equity
Purpose Canadian Preferred Share Fund RPS RPS-MK RPS CN Equity
Purpose US Preferred Share Fund (FX Hedged) RPU RPU-MK RPU CN Equity
Purpose US Preferred Share Fund (Non-FX Hedged) RPU.B RPU'B-MK RPU/B CN Equity
Purpose US Preferred Share Fund (USD) RPU.U RPU'U-MK RPU/U CN Equity
Purpose Short Duration Tactical Bond Fund SBND SBND-MK SBND CN Equity
Purpose Strategic Yield Fund SYLD SYLD-MK SYLD CN Equity
Purpose Canadian Financial Income Fund BNC BNC-MK BNC CN Equity
Purpose Core Dividend Fund PDF PDF-MK PDF CN Equity
Purpose Enhanced Dividend Fund PDIV PDIV-MK PDIV CN Equity
Purpose Global Financials Income Fund PFG PFG-MK PFG CN Equity
Purpose International Dividend Fund PID PID-MK PID CN Equity
Purpose US Dividend Fund (FX Hedged) PUD PUD-MK PUD CN Equity
Purpose US Dividend Fund (Non-FX Hedged) PUD.B PUD'B-MK PUD/B CN Equity
Purpose Core Equity Income Fund RDE RDE-MK RDE CN Equity
Purpose Emerging Markets Dividend Fund REM REM-MK REM CN Equity
Purpose Monthly Income Fund PIN PIN-MK PIN CN Equity
Purpose Multi-Asset Income Fund PINC PINC-MK PINC CN Equity
Purpose Conservative Income Fund PRP PRP-MK PRP CN Equity
Purpose Tactical Asset Allocation Fund RTA RTA-MK RTA CN Equity
Purpose Behavioural Opportunities Fund BHAV BHAV-MK BHAV CN Equity
Purpose Marijuana Opportunities Fund MJJ MJJ-MK MJJ CN Equity
Purpose Best Ideas Fund (FX Hedged) PBI PBI-MK PBI CN Equity
Purpose Best Ideas Fund (Non-FX Hedged) PBI.B PBI'B-MK PBI/B CN Equity
Purpose Global Innovators Fund PINV PINV-MK PINV CN Equity
Purpose Enhanced US Equity Fund (FX Hedged) PEU PEU-MK PEU CN Equity
Purpose Enhanced US Equity Fund (Non-FX Hedged) PEU.B PEU'B-MK PEU/B CN Equity
Purpose Tactical Hedged Equity Fund (FX Hedged) PHE PHE-MK PHE CN Equity
Purpose Tactical Hedged Equity Fund (Non-FX Hedged) PHE.B PHE'B-MK PHE/B CN Equity
Purpose Duration Hedged Real Estate Fund PHR PHR-MK PHR CN Equity
Purpose International Tactical Hedged Equity Fund PHW PHW-MK PHW CN Equity
Purpose Diversified Real Asset Fund PRA PRA-MK PRA CN Equity
Purpose Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Fund (CAD) PMM PMM-MK PMM CN Equity
Purpose Premium Yield Fund (FX Hedged) PYF PYF-MK PYF CN Equity
Purpose Premium Yield Fund (Non-FX Hedged) PYF.B PYF'B-MK PYF/B CN Equity
Purpose Premium Yield Fund (USD) PYF.U PYF'U-MK PYF/U CN Equity
Purpose Silver Bullion Fund (FX Hedged) SBT SBT-MK SBT CN Equity
Purpose Silver Bullion Fund (Non-FX Hedged) SBT.B SBT'B-MK SBT/B CN Equity
Purpose Silver Bullion Fund (USD) SBT.U SBT'U-MK SBT/U CN Equity
Fund TMX Money Thomson ONE Bloomberg Terminal

Type of Investment Accounts

If you are just considering getting started investing with Purpose, you may be overwhelmed by the first decision: what type of account do you want? Remember, each type of investment account has different rules that will impact the outcome and time horizons for your investments. One of the advantages of investing with Purpose, is all of our funds are available for all types of registered and non-registered accounts.


Registered Retirement Savings Plan

  • Account used to save for retirement.
  • All contributions are tax deferred until the money is withdrawn.
  • RRSP can hold stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, GICs and more.


Registered Education Savings Plan

  • Account commonly used by parents/grandparents to save for their children’s post-secondary education in Canada.
  • The Canadian government assists in helping you save for a child’s education.
  • Tax exempt compounding within the account.


Tax-Free Savings Account

  • Tax exempt compounding on any contributions, interest earned, dividends or capital gains.
  • Investors are able to withdraw funds, tax free, at their discretion.
  • An annual contribution limit of $5,500 per year (subject to change by the government).
  • The contributions are not tax deductible and any unused room can be carried forward.

Non-Registered Account

Non-registered accounts only tax the capital gains realized inside the account at 50% of the account holder’s top marginal tax rate. And unlike RRSPs, non-registered accounts have no contribution limits.

At Purpose, our focus is on strategy not structure, which is why we offer all of our strategies in both ETF and Mutual Fund form. Both structures offer investors access to the same great strategies, tax-efficiencies, and transparency, but are designed to fit with the different investor types.



ETFs are ideal for investors working with advisors on a fee-based account or commission account basis or for investors who invest on their own using an online brokerage.


The Mutual Fund Series’ of the Purpose Funds are issued from the exact same fund as the ETF, but the key difference is that rather than being purchased and sold on the stock exchange, all purchases and redemptions are done through FundSERV using the end of day Net Asset Value (“NAV”). The F Series of our funds are meant for investors working with a advisor within a Fee based account structure and are offered at the exact same management fee as the ETF Series, therefore long term returns will be exactly in line with the ETF Series. The A Series of our funds have the difference of the trailer fee in the management fee, which is paid to your advisor for providing advice.

Additional Investment Features From Purpose



Investing with All Purpose funds provide certain features that give investors the freedom to compound distributions, make regular cash contributions, or create an income stream without having to worry about paying additional commissions.



Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Given the commission costs associated with trading, ETFs have not always been best suited for investors looking to continuously reinvest cash dividends received from their portfolio. Purpose’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”) allows investors to easily benefit from compounding their dividends. All cash dividends paid on any Purpose Fund will be eligible for reinvestment into additional shares of the same fund. Investors may opt into the DRIP by contacting their brokerage firm. The DRIP allows shareholders to compound their investment through the convenient automatic purchase of additional shares without incurring commissions.

Benefits to you:

  • Compound investments
  • No costs or commissions associated with transactions


Pre-Authorized Cash Contribution

Purpose’s Pre-Authorized Cash Contribution Plan (“PACC Plan”) offers convenience to existing shareholders of Purpose Funds to make regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) purchases of shares. The PACC Plan offers shareholders the ability to dollar cost average into Purpose Funds in a convenient, commission-free manner.

Benefits to you:

  • Dollar cost average your investments – powerful way to compound your investments
  • Create a regular systematic investment plan, removing the hassle of manually contributing to your investment portfolio
  • No costs or commissions associated with transactions


Systematic Withdrawal Plan

The Purpose Systematic Withdrawal Plan (“SWP”) allows existing shareholders of any Purpose Fund to withdraw a fixed amount of money from that specific Purpose Fund on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Shareholders may use the SWP to potentially supplement the income they are receiving from other sources without incurring additional trading commissions.

Benefits to you:

  • Plan fits well within registered withdrawal accounts (e.g. RRIF)
  • No costs or commissions associated with transactions

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