innovation for the etf industry

Purpose Corporate Class Funds

Tax-Efficient and Low-Fee Investing

Purpose’s Corporate Class structure for ETFs is the first of its kind in Canada and has changed how people use ETFs in their portfolios. Before the launch of the Purpose Corporate Class Funds, investors were only able to access the benefits of a corporate class structure through higher-cost mutual funds. Now, they can access unique investment solutions in the corporate class structure using the most convenient vehicle for them, be it ETF or mutual fund.

Purpose Corporate Class Funds provide investors with a suite of exceptional low-fee investment products to meet a range of financial needs in all market conditions. Purpose’s high-quality funds allow investors to construct a portfolio that meets their investment objectives, risk profile, and time horizons.


Purpose Corporate Class funds are suitable for a variety of different investors, including:

investing-in-out-plansThose investing inside and outside of a registered plan. childrenParents and grandparents who set up trust accounts for minor children.
cash-flowIncome investors looking for a tax-efficient source of cash flow. Old-age-securitySeniors who are collecting Old Age Security benefits.
charityThose who plan to make charitable donations with their investments. corporationIncorporated business owners.

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